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Pendant Lights

Light fixtures within a home that are mounted to the ceiling are termed pendant lights. Choices are varied and a diverse selection of pendants range from basic single lights bulb under a shade through to multiple pendants with a variety of materials and shade styles. The modern pendant light is generally suspended using a rod, chain or cord and can add to the aesthetics of rooms. This applies particularly to the high usage areas such as dining room, living room, bedroom and kitchen.

Originally pendant lights were single fixtures with one shade and switch design. Lighting in this format in the past, presented the homeowner with a feature light, centrally located on the ceiling and supported by lamps within the room for task oriented lighting. This trend continued until home decorating became more affordable. Consequently, a burst of varying options is now available for the various purposes and settings.

Pendant lights are popular due to the array of materials and colours increasing over the past decade. Choices have trebled, leading to many styles and design choices. For a quick guide, the style of pendant light is categorised into industrial design, modern or traditional. Selections in these categories will depend on the room design, room functionality and personal preferences.

Rooms most suited to pendant lighting are bedrooms, dining rooms, lounge rooms and kitchens. Each of these rooms has a particular function so the lighting choices will need to reflect this. Lounge rooms and bedrooms are rooms where activities are usually restful. In these rooms, a pendant light would be centrally located to provide an even spread across the whole space. In contrast to this, task lighting with pendants focusing on key areas, will provide illumination for activities that require stronger luminosity such as reading, writing. It is also fabulous if a featured on a favourite picture displayed or furniture item.

Functionality of the kitchen and dining area where food preparation and eating takes place determines the need to have focused lighting. Pendant lighting over benched areas, especially island benches, allows the choice of height, styles and focus to be personalised to the home owners preferences. For example, a person who enjoys an industrial style might select three glass pendant lights with different lengths for hanging from the ceiling but clustered together to create a variation in the distance to the bench height. When food preparation is taking place this extra illumination allows the tasks to be completed easily. As the food preparation moves to the eating stage, one pendant in the cluster could be turned off or both could be dimmed. Instantly the mood of the room has changed from a very task orientated room to a more relaxed atmosphere for casual dining.

The height of a ceiling in a room determines the length the pendant hangs down. It is recommended before installation of a light, that measurements are made not only from the ceiling but also the clearance from surfaces such as tables and bench tops, paying particular attention that views across the open spaces are not blocked. An example of where height and position is crucial is a when pendant light is installed over a lounge chair or a dining table where the activity is mainly where a person sits and stands up and down. If the pendant is positioned too low then each time the fitting could be bumped as the person rises from the chair.

The style and shape of the pendant light you choose also depends on your home and the room where the fixture will be mounted. Shapes of pendants can be of varying geometrical design. These can be square, rectangular, circular, oval, triangular, cylindrical, versions of a pyramid, prism shaped, drum shaped, cone, spherical, cube, octagonal, pentagon, hexagon and triangular. The selection is endless and exciting. The d├ęcor can be changed instantly with the simple modification installation of a pendant light.

The size of the pendant light shade is also a consideration to make when selecting your pendant lights. Shades can range from a single large pendant shade which incidentally would be great for an entry or a feature through to small single pendants with mini globes. So too are the textures and material choices vast. Some of the most common materials used include wood, metal, aluminium, paper, cloth, fabrics, chrome, nickle, glass, timber and concrete.

Pendant lighting is purely up to the individual preference of the homeowner. However, if you are looking for the some assistance with selections then it is recommended to contact us.

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