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Bedroom Pendant Lights

Imagine being able to do a bedroom makeover without spending lots of money! Here is a simple solution for making low cost changes in your bedroom. It is simple and easy.

Focus on the lighting in your bedroom. Pendant lighting is now a popular way to update your favourite room. Achieve a modern look by using single pendant lights or clusters of pendants – a space saving alternative to lamps. Using task lighting helps highlight your bedroom features too.

A bedroom requires varying lighting arrangements. These will depend on the atmosphere you wish to create. Quiet relaxation combined with some focus task lighting gives flexibility to suit the differing activities a bedroom is used for as well as enabling varying moods to be created. An example of this would be where the lighting for daily activities like dressing, folding clothes or making the bed would require ambient or general lighting which could be combined with task lighting focusing on a feature picture, item of furniture.

General lighting for the bedroom gives illumination across a whole space. As the bedroom is mainly used for sleeping and the sleeping habits of people are varied, the use of dimmable lighting is highly recommended.

Ambient or mood lighting can be readily achieved depending on the shade used on the pendant light selected. Pendant light shades can also be inverted which can focus the lighting towards the ceiling. This instantly creates a soft, flowing light across the whole room. The selection of shades is a personal style and there is an enormous array of choices. The most common materials used for pendant lighting includes metal, plastic, glass, cloth, with finishes that are polished, textures, shiny or matt especially when made from chrome, copper or brushed nickle. Remember the choice of the pendant light fixture shade must reflect the overall look of the room to ensure it is balanced and pleasing.

Pendant lighting is popular as an opportunity to use as a focus or as it is popularly known, task lighting. It can focus the light downward providing bright, intense lighting on featured areas for active recreation such as reading or highlighting a favourite piece of furniture as in a dressing table, chair, stool, wardrobe or mirror.

The location, functionality and purpose of the pendant lighting will also determine the selection of the style, material and colour of the shade. A fabric pendant light helps to defuse light whereas a glass or acrylic shade emits a more concentrated light.

Layering the lighting in your bedroom is the best approach to produce suitable and satisfying lighting for a bedroom space. Multiple layers of fixtures with varying shaped shades can readily bring light to all corners of the bedroom creating a balanced and evenly lit room. Likewise, the clustering of lights and hanging pendants with different heights, shades and colours enables the decor to gain a modern trend. Alternatively the use of a central pendant light as a main focus feature is still popular and inexpensive. If the selection of the shade is based on the size and colour then the overall bedroom makeover can be quite stylish and stunning.

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