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Modern Pendant Lights

Modern Pendant Lights are a popular fashionable statement for your space. Their timeless and elegant form brings forth the modernity of your spaces, its luminance lightens your interiors, bringing out your feature wall, your beautiful furniture, to bring forth the clarity of what you see.

They are the modern redefinition of: “Let there be light.”

Modern Pendant Lights comes in all shapes and styles, including the EVA Glass Pendant Lights: its shape, replicating the form and organic curves of a beehive, adding a touch of the livelihood of nature into your space, Puffin range Pendant Lights, which resembles a Chinese Lantern, perfect for your modern Chinese style interiors. Or if you’re a minimalist, the rectangular profile and single coloured LINE-46 series will indefinitely express your lifestyle.

In addition to different styles, there are also various different colours and materials. We provide Modern Pendant Lighting in your classic black and white, but not limited to dark brown, pink, yellow, green, grey. They are also available in materials such as, Glass, Aluminium, and Timber. Its variance in colours and materiality provides an edge in portraying different moods, whether it is to conjure a translucent and romantic atmosphere, to create a soothing and lullaby moment, or to provide a sharp and focus environment to promote productivity. 

Not only will they be a source of light, but they will become the feature piece of your home, and invoke the atmosphere you so desire.

Modern pendent lights provide one of the most important type of lighting, ‘general lighting’ (also known as ‘Ambient light’), which provides illumination across the whole space, making it easier to see, safer to maneuver through. An example of this is to use them in your living area, hallway, bedroom, to light up the whole area, to be able to see the floor and objects around.

Mood lighting could also be readily achieved with modern pendant lights. With the correct pendant light shade selected, they can be inverted, directing the light to the ceiling, which then immediately, scatters the light throughout the room with a soft, flowing light. This could be a setting used over a dining table or a dining area, a bar area, or in a bathroom.

The versatility of modern pendant lights also makes it a popular choice for task lighting. They can provide a focused high intensity light downwards onto featured active recreational and functional areas, giving the clearest view of an activity, such as reading, writing, cooking, and placing it over a kitchen benchtop for meal preparation; It could even highlight your favourite piece of furniture, such as your armchair, chest of drawers, stool and coffee table. 

Not to mention, most modern pendant light uses LED technology, which makes them incredibly energy efficient, meaning most of the electricity that goes to operate the lightbulb turns into visible light, using less energy. In comparison, most energy that comes out of an incandescent lightbulb are heat, and it uses tons more energy than an LED! LED’s highly energy efficient nature means that it will hugely decrease on electricity costs and energy usage, saving money in the long run (You get to save the planet as well). 

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