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White Pendant Lights

White pendant lighting designs are a fantastic way to add style and elegance to any room. Whether it is in your bedroom or dining room as ambient lighting, in your kitchen as task lighting or in your hall for a statement feature as you enter your home it all depends on the atmosphere you want to create.

With a large range of contemporary and traditional lighting designs to choose from you can create the sophisticated home of your dreams.  

Our range of modern white pendant lighting can create a clean and contemporary aesthetic to complete that modern look. White is seen as safe and peaceful. Designers use white colour schemes as a trick that can add space making a room feel larger.

Pendant lighting can be a creative alternative to downlights by adding a feature accent piece or a can be a great looking and no fuss modern answer to any rooms lighting plan. White pendant lighting available in this range may feature other materials to compliment such as aluminium, glass, plastic and timber all in various textures and finishes such as shiny, brushed or matte.

Choosing the right lighting scheme can greatly affect the overall look and feeling of any space. Taking location, purpose, functionality and the layout of room into account is important in choosing the right pendant lighting for you. So make sure to give the lighting plan an extra thought to reflect your personal style and needs.

Pendant lighting is great for high ceilings where other lights may not be bright enough to create ambient lighting with a soft and uniform glow around the room. Ambient lighting is a good for most areas. The look is more natural and soft than direct. This can be achieved by the type fixture shade used on the Pendant. These pendant shades may be inverted to shine light up to reflect off the ceiling producing a softened glow that blooms out around the room. Task lighting otherwise known as focus lighting is to focus on something with a more intense and brighter light, best suited to places such as above the kitchen bench.

Most pendant lighting uses LED lighting. This cuts down costs over time as they are cheaper to run and resistant to breakage so you don’t need to replace it. This is because LEDs run cooler which is not only safer but means they have a significant lifespan.

With a unique range of White Pendant lighting models to choose you can easily create a stylish modern look for your home.

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