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What is CRI in Lighting?


Light is one of the most important elements of interior design. Without it, the other elements such as color and texture would have no significant impact. Light sources, whether natural or human-made, can brighten up homes by making colors pop and textures stand out. Lighting adds depth to every design element within a given area. … Read more

What is Recessed Lighting?


Recessed lighting has been gaining traction in the last few years. Since it’s easy to pair with other kinds of lighting fixtures, property owners can use it to set the right ambiance in any room and add character to any given space. Homeowners can gain a diverse range of design options by using recessed lighting. … Read more

What Are HID Lights?


HID lights (High Intensity Discharge lights) are a type of lighting that uses an electrical charge to ignite a gas, typically xenon, in a sealed capsule. HID lights, sometimes called xenon lights, create an intense bluish white light and produces more light with much less energy than a standard bulb. The quality of light produced … Read more

What Is the Three-Point System with Respect to Lighting?


The three-point system is the most basic lighting technique used in film, video, photography, and computer-generated imagery. It forms the basis of all lighting techniques, which is why all photographers, film lighting designers (directors of photography), and graphic artists master this technique before experimenting with other methods. In this article, we will share how the … Read more

What Is Ambient Lighting?


In every living space, lighting plays a big role in setting the mood and providing a functional light source for the people within the space. While there are many types of lighting, it’s best to know about the main one: ambient lighting. Ambient lighting, or general lighting, serves as the primary source of light in … Read more

What Is Incandescent Light?


Incandescent light has been around for quite a while. But in recent years, the use of traditional incandescent bulbs has been greatly decreased. Why is that? And what is incandescent light exactly? A Brief History Thomas Edison is most famously credited for the invention of incandescent bulbs, but Albon Man, William Sawyer, and Joseph Swan … Read more

What is RGB Lighting?

What is RGB Lighting?

RGB lighting is a common term in lighting systems. Regardless if you’re in the field of technology, construction, or entertainment, it is a common recommendation because of the huge number of lighting opportunities is offers. What is RGB Lighting? Simply put, RGB stands for the primary colors red, green, and blue. When applied to lighting, … Read more

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